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Our Founders

JERRY ROLDAN embarked on his career journey in 1977, when he joined Jack Dymond Co., Meiswinkel, and Walters & Wolf as a union carpenter. With nine years of experience as a union foreman carpenter under his belt, Jerry decided to team up with his two younger brothers and mother to establish Roldan Construction, Inc. in 1985.

Initially, our company specialized in various construction services such as installing demountable partitions, doors and frames, suspended acoustical ceilings, and computer floors. However, over time, our focus shifted exclusively to demolition, particularly in the realm of interior demolition. Leveraging our team's extensive experience in construction and framing build-outs, we gained a competitive edge in the demolition industry.

After achieving considerable success in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jerry made the pivotal decision to relocate his family to Las Vegas, NV in 2001, where we established a new branch of Roldan Construction.

In 2012, Roldan Construction, Inc. made the strategic choice to withdraw our operations from Nevada. It was during this time that Jerry, along with his wife Peggy, founded Roldan Demolition, LLC. For over three decades, our dedicated team at Roldan Demolition has consistently demonstrated leadership in the field of demolition contracting, earning a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the industry.

PEGGY ROLDAN, a founder and owner of Roldan Demolition, plays a pivotal role in our company's daily operations. With a diverse range of responsibilities, including accounting, insurance management, office administration, worker's compensation, and general liability oversight, Peggy's expertise is indispensable.


Her prior experience in human resources and extensive safety management training further enhances her contributions to the team. When you step into our office, it's likely Peggy who will greet you with her warm and friendly demeanor.


Her beloved presence has endeared her to everyone who knows her, embodying the family-oriented ethos that defines Roldan Demolition. For Peggy, our company is more than just a job; it's her family, and her unwavering dedication reflects this sentiment.

Meet Our Team

CESAR RAMIREZ stands as the cornerstone of our construction team at Roldan Demolition. As our unwavering General Foreman, his loyalty, expertise, and dedication are the bedrock upon which our company's success is built.


Cesar's unwavering commitment to our company and his unparalleled leadership skills have made him an invaluable member of our organization. His team not only admires but truly loves working alongside him, a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities.

Cesar has an extraordinary ability to ensure that every project is executed flawlessly and completed on time, consistently exceeding our clients' expectations. His problem-solving skills are second to none, as he can tackle and fix any challenge thrown his way.


We are incredibly grateful to have Cesar Ramirez as an integral part of our team, and his contributions continue to elevate our company to new heights.


CRAIG SASSO is a vital asset to our team at Roldan Demolition, bringing his extensive expertise and vibrant personality to the table.


Joining our company in 2022, Craig has quickly become an indispensable member of our team. With a strong background in safety and a deep understanding of the Las Vegas area, as a Nevada native, he possesses an unrivaled knowledge of the region.


Craig's reputation in the industry is nothing short of outstanding, earning him recognition as a well-respected figure. His charismatic people skills, combined with his industry acumen, make him a go-to resource for clients and colleagues alike.


Craig Sasso exemplifies our commitment to excellence and is instrumental in driving our projects to success.

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